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NFL Betting Prediction for Super Bowl XLVII AFC Division

NFL is almost here and NFL bettors around the globe are already flocking over sports betting sites. The big question is, "Who will win Super Bowl XLVII?" As an avid sports bettor who wants to help beginner bettors, I always make NFL betting prediction every season. Here's my NFL betting prediction for AFC Division this season, including the predicted record.

New England Patriots
Predicted Record: 13-3
New England brings back most of the old cast, but adding Brandon Lloyd and beefing up the offensive-line depth was huge this offseason. With Tom Brady and Bill Belichick still around, the Patriots have to be considered heavy favorites.

Buffalo Bills
Predicted Record: 9-7

Although the Bills made some big moves with Mario Williams signing and Stevie Johnson staying in town, there are still questions about their offense. Can the offensive tackles help quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick? And can Fitzpatrick deliver good football every week for 17 weeks? The Bills could be a contender for the playoffs if he can.

Lapak303 New York Jets
Predicted record: 6-10
A predicted drop-off is coming in New York, and not even Tim Tebow can save them. The Jets' problems are along the offensive line and in their inability to rush the passer from outside the tackle box. These problems, along with a difficult schedule, will cause the Jets to decline in 2012.

Miami Dolphins
Predicted Record: 3-13
It will be determined who plays quarterback, which will impact the Dolphins record. If Matt Moore is the starter, the record could be much improved. Expect many bumps if it's rookie Ryan Tannehill. The Dolphins managed to get worse at receiver--an area of need in the offseason--and will have trouble scoring points in Year 1 of the Joe Philbin reign.

Cincinnati Bengals
Predicted record: 11-5
The Bengals bring back their core group from an improbable run in 2011. Add in a full offseason for Andy Dalton and A.J. Green to improve, plus a better interior offensive line, and Cincinnati has the look of a major player in the NFL.

Baltimore Ravens
Predicted Record: 10-6
How well the Ravens respond to the injury of Terrell Suggs is the key to their season. Their first pick in the draft was spent on Courtney Upshaw in early Round 2, who will be asked to step in as Suggs heals. But the defense could see a major dropoff without the reigning Defensive Player of the Year in the lineup. The offense is solid again, and Joe Flacco can get the Ravens to Super Bowl.

Pittsburgh Steelers
Predicted record: 8-8
This has been expected for a while, so don't be surprised. At this stage in the summer, Steelers' secondary, offensive line, and run game all seem to be a concern. The defense may be younger this year, but they are also less experienced and are relying on many raw players to step in for established veterans.

Cleveland Browns
Predicted Record: 3-13
Cleveland is again, or still, going through a rebuilding phase. It's with Brandon Weeden as quarterback and Trent Richardson running back. The Browns are on the right track, but the holes on the offensive line, at wide receiver and at outside linebacker are still too big to overcome in the AFC's toughest division.

Houston Texans
Predicted Record: 12-4
If they stay healthy, the Texans can be amongst the best in the AFC. Although losing Mario Williams will not be as devastating as losing Eric Winston, the schedule is easy and the offense can put up big points against their shutout-quality defense.

Tennessee Titans
Predicted record: 9-7
Although the Titans are on their way to making it into the playoffs, they're not quite there yet. Jake Locker will be a breath of fresh air at quarterback, and Kendall Wright should have a huge season opposite Kenny Britt.
Watch out for the Titans defense to mature, particularly at cornerback.

Indianapolis Colts
Predicted record: 5-11
Luck will not be able work miracles in Indy, but the Colts will be better because of the hard-nosed approach by Chuck Pagano, their determination to create a hard-hitting defense every down. Luck's first season will be a success as he leads the Colts to an improved record and flashes the ability that had him called the best draft prospect of all time.

Jacksonville Jaguars
Predicted record: 2-14
The early favorite to hold the No. 1 overall pick in the 2013 NFL draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars need a lot of help. Blaine Gabbert won't finish the season as the team's starting quarterback--Chad Henne will--but not before the record is unsalvageable. The Jaguars will be two steps behind in 2012 due to a lack of talent at receiver, and a decline in defense.

Kansas City Chiefs
Predicted Record: 10-6
After being sidelined for a while due to injury, Kansas City welcomes back Jamaal Charles and Tony Moeaki, Eric Berry, and Matt Cassel. With these four back, plus big free-agent signings in Eric Winston, Kevin Boss, Stanford Routt and Peyton Hillis, expect the Chiefs to be an elite AFC team and the absolute team to put on your NFL betting in the AFC.

Denver Broncos
Predicted record: 9-7
Peyton Manning will be a big difference in Denver. However, there are still too many holes in the West for the Broncos. Denver's receivers will see increased numbers, but the defensive backfield is still enough of a concern that the Broncos will find themselves lacking at times.

San Diego Chargers
8-8 Predicted Record
The Chargers' expectations will be lower this year, but the outcome will be much the same. Philip Rivers is an elite quarterback, but his play at times in 2011 didn't back it up. Losing Vincent Jackson will definitely hurt, even with Eddie Royal and Robert Meachem coming to town. However, the big question mark is on defense, where San Diego has struggled with consistency and will again in 2012.

Oakland Raiders
Predicted record: 6-10
New owner. New coach. Same Raiders. Oakland made improvements to its roster, but it was still too weak to compete in the loaded AFC West.

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